The new book from Oliver Banks


The new book from Oliver Banks


The pace of change in retail is accelerating.

Will you be a passenger, or the driver?

The pace of change in retail is accelerating.

Will you be a passenger, or the driver?

Driving Retail Transformation gives you the strategies and techniques you need to lead your organisation through the journey of transformation in an age of uncertainty.

OUT NOW! Launched 5th March 2024

Launching on 5th March 2024

Driving Retail Transformation: How to navigate disruption and change. 3D books showing front and back covers

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About the Book

Retail leaders face disruption on every side: rapidly changing consumer habits, a fiercely competitive and dynamic environment, market volatility and more. But transforming is easier said than done.

Discover the ‘how’ of transformation through a flexible framework that can be applied to any type of retail change, and at all stages of the journey. Overcome the common challenges and avoid the critical mistakes that derail so many transformation initiatives. Featuring road-tested practical tools and techniques, Driving Retail Transformation allows retail leaders to accelerate progress, deliver successful business transformation and build a better future for customers, colleagues and the business.

“Essential reading for any retail leader”

Paula Bobbett

Chief Digital Officer, Boots, UK

About the Author

Oliver Banks is an expert consultant working with senior leaders to transform retail businesses and operations.

One of the most influential voices in retail, Oliver is a LinkedIn Top Voice, host of the Retail Transformation Show podcast and keynote speaker, and advises on navigating transformation and the ever-evolving world of retail.

What people are saying

“Ollie has written the authoritative guide to retail transformation – packed with wisdom that is a testament to his own deep experience. Every retailer struggling to change their business will get something from this book.”

Ian Shepherd

Chair, Bensons for Beds

“This book will help you navigate your path through the journey of change using a simple and clear framework, brought to life with compelling stories and examples. It’s an essential read for anyone delivering transformation, wanting to be confidently set up for success”

Janice Southway

Consultant and Former Transformation Director,

“Far too many transformation initiatives fail to fulfill their promise. In Driving Retail Transformation, Oliver Banks delivers an urgent and compelling call to action, packed with highly pragmatic advice.”

Steve Dennis

Strategic Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Best-selling Author

“This book is a comprehensive guide for anyone navigating the complex world of transformation. Oliver’s style is very clear, digestible and actionable, with lots of good examples and processes to follow. The framework and the scoring aspect is a brilliant touch, it’s very practical and will be invaluable to readers.”

Miya Knights

Retail Technology Magazine Editor, Author, Consultant

Driving Retail Transformation

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Trusted Consultant & Advisor

Oliver Banks is a consultant, working with retailers and consumer facing brands to assist senior leaders in driving meaningful change and transformation.

Oliver Banks and retail consultancy OB&Co and could help you to drive your transformation and realise your strategy, including:

Defining and executing new business models

Optimising operating models and continuous improvement

Making positive change happen to maximise performance


Oliver Banks stands at the forefront of retail transformation, guiding senior leaders through the dynamic and challenging landscapes of modern retail.

As a keynote speaker, Oliver delves into crucial topics such as the evolving retail sector and emerging shopping trends, effective transformation and change, strategies to navigate disruption and overcoming uncertainty.

Renowned for his ability to stimulate engaging discussions, Oliver is sought after for both large-scale events and intimate gatherings, where he sparks thought-provoking conversations and offers invaluable insights into the future of retail.

Sessions include topics such as:

Disruptor or disrupted: Finding a new approach

The Intersection of AI and Humanity: Leading in the era of rapid change

Heads, Hearts & Hustle: Learning to change ourselves & our organizations

Hot Retail Trends 2024: Demystifying The latest ideas and innovations


The Retail Transformation Show podcast exists to serve you insight, ideas and inspiration to transform better.

The weekly show will help you with expert insight and practical tips to effectively deliver changes and transformation to your retail operation and business.

Find it on Spotify, Apply Podcasts or your usual podcast app.

Driving Retail Transformation

Out now at all good book stores